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JUVENILE lyrics : "Catch Your Cut"

(feat. B.G.)


Uh-come on
Are you ready?


These hoes.. know.. I act.. bad

They say.. gone.. with your dog.. $$#
I slang.. dick.. I lay.. pipe
All $#&@in'.. day.. goin' through tha.. night

I $#&@.. cousins.. I $#&@.. friends
Juvie drive.. Jag.. Geezy ride.. Benz
I'll put that dick on tha ho, look, I'll bust four nuts

Then I open ta see if she can back.. that $$# up
(*##$, my dick.. wanna.. feel your.. lips
Don't do it.. right.. go get some.. tips

Come back.. later.. try once.. more
$#&@ up a-.. -gain.. (*##$, ya gotta.. go
I'm.. gonna.. keep.. doin' my thang

Hot.. Boy B.G. don't play games
Either.. way.. ho, I'll get mine
I'll jack off lookin' you dead in your eyes


[Chorus x2: B.G. + Juvenile]

(*##$, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut
Lil' B.G. done caught his.. nut
(*##$ go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut

Juve-.. -nile.. done caught his.. nut


Spread your.. legs.. touch your.. toes
Soon as.. I.. come out these.. 'Bauds
I'm J-U-.. -V.. a H-O-.. -T

B-O-.. -Y.. from that.. three
(*##$, I'm.. hot.. sweaty, gettin'.. moist
Tha girl want me.. ta show her my.. choice

Ya know what I.. mean.. I wanna.. push
Dick in your.. $$# like it's a.. dousch
Ya gotta be.. clean.. wash it.. good

Before I.. come.. and lay this.. wood
Eat this.. meat.. please, no.. teeth
Every.. day.. and all through tha.. week

I know whatcha.. need.. liquor and.. weed
A hour and a.. half.. I'll plant this.. seed
You do it for that.. I'll do it for.. game

Both of us.. straight.. ya can't com-.. -plain

[Chorus x2]

Look at that.. there.. she big.. find

She could be.. yours.. or she could be.. mine
It ain't no.. thang.. bring her on a.. trip

Get her in tha.. room.. and she'll get it.. flipped
She'll do what she.. do.. and do it.. well

And me and.. you.. could make it.. swell
I'm your.. ^!$$%.. you my.. dog

We $#&@.. cuts.. and there's no.. walls
It ain't no.. beef.. you could go.. first

Or both of us.. could go.. and hit that.. skirt
Once it's.. over.. still don't.. stop

Find us a-.. -nother, and open up shop, ^!$$%
I'm with.. that.. man, let's.. go

Out right.. now.. to smash some.. hoes
We play.. that.. just like.. g's
^!$$%, I'm.. straight.. 'cause I done bust three

[chorus x2]

(*##$, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut
B. At-.. -rice.. done caught his.. nut

(*##$, go, 'head.. catch your.. cut
Sugar.. Slim.. done bust his.. nut
(*##$, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut
Mannie.. Fresh.. done bust his.. nut
(*##$, go.. 'head.. catch your.. cut

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