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JUVENILE lyrics : "Be Gone"

(feat. Big Tymers)

[Chorus x3: Sung]

Bag gone, hat gone, coat gone
Why don't cha get the hell on out the do'

[Mannie Fresh]
He told me number three was cheap
Wit a chick, wit a stick, yeah them girls be freakin'

Checkin' in motels every other weekend
Say brah ­ I can't picture lil' one eatin'
Boy you ain't know ­ fo' sho' she creepin'

While she been tellin' me dog, she goin' to meetings
Meeting Kitty wit her mouth
That's what yo' chick 'bout

Man, pass me my asthma pump, put lil' one out
Sometimes I be likin' ­ when seenin' chicks dykin'
Pissin' on each other, mud wrestling, and fightin'

Hair everywhere, sratchin' and bitin'
Pass me my asthma pump again man, this %#@! exciting
I be like, "let's get jumped" like a game of checkers

And I done cheat more chicks, than Nelly sold records
E.I, C.I, turn a chick out
Then give it to another chick and leave it up in her mouth

[Chorus x2: Sung]
Bag gone, hat gone, coat gone

Why don't cha get the hell on out the do'


There's a story about a (*##$ named Sally
A hot girl, lived in that rat-hoe alley
She stayed sharp, stayed rockin' Balance

And a fat #~!!@, laid down in the Cadi'
Back of the seat or back of the Palace
I'm a Hot Boy ­ it really don't matter

My brother K.C plays them tellers
That'll jump off, hit a stepper, whatever
Michael Kipper, James Peter got a big better

Dick gotta a (*##$ in Miami ­ a dick-sweater
Like Delores from A.T.L, "The Freak of the Week"
She did me, Slim, Joe, and Tiki

I don't care, (*##$ just ride
Shake yo' #~!!@, and shake yo' thigh
Get yo' hat, get yo' coat, it's time to ride

Baby girl lookin' at me like she surprise

[Chorus x2: Sung]

Bag gone, hat gone, coat gone
Why don't cha get the hell on out the do'

[Mannie Fresh]
Let me tell you about another one of my lovers
I caught the ignorant chick pokin' holes in rubbers

Talkin' 'bout she late, sorry no wait
Girl you $#&@ed me, Mike Tyson, and O.J

These hoes be pullin' they raw tactics
Baby makin' and jaw-jackin'

Mami suck dick like a lowrider
Ooh-wee, don't stop her

[Mannie Fresh]
Thinkin' that I'ma claim that baby
Girl you coo-coo, stupid, dumb, and crazy

His eyes green, and his hair wavy
Thought you had me huh?, got me, playin' me

She movin' like a ^!$$% hittin' switches
But I bet I'd hit that old %#@!ty

She a popper, H.G non-stopper
She from Uptown, baby girl don't knock her

[Chorus: till end] [Sung]
Bag gone, hat gone, coat gone
Why don't cha get the hell on out the do'

[Mannie Fresh: over chorus] [Talking]

Nah shawty, don't cry now
Get them old $$# iron skates you left up under the bed
And them old $$# pro cases that you had, and all them beta tapes
And get your old $$# beeper
You know that beeper that look like a garage opener

The one that you had, get that %#@! up out my drawer
and get on out of here
Yeah you got to leave, got to go
Get that rat coat, that old $$# coat that you said was a mink
%#@! ain't nothin' but a big $$# nutria rat

Oh yeah, and get your cell phone
That big $$# cell phone wit the car battery hooked up to it
The one that be causin' Cancer, you know that big $$#
football you wear on your face, hurtin' and %#@!
Get your old $$# cell phone

And get them Chic Jeans, that Jamaica Joe shirt, and
them Hearochees that yo' $$# was wearing when you came here
And them big fake $$# "Salt-N-Peppa" earrings
You know them earrings Salt-N-Peppa had in the 80's
You better get them (*##$es up outta here too
And get them footy socks, the ones wit the balls in the back

That's yours too, you need to get that, get on outta here
You know what i'm sayin', I use to love you, I don't love you no more
Don't like you no more, none of that, you know what I'm sayin'
And get your Cutlass keys
Get your old $$# Cutlass, the one that we parked off the block
You know what I'm sayin', 'cause I didn't want it in my driveway
'cause it was leakin' oil

Get your old $$# Cutlass key's and get in your Cutlass and ride out
Yeah, you hood roach, you ain't even a rat, you a roach

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