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JUVENILE lyrics : "Around The Way"

Dis rain 'sposed to drop, when I first hit the block
^!$$%z wasn't really feelin me then {"Do it!"}

I had a little drama, I was bout that there
That's how a ^!$$% kept his name in the wind {"Do it!"}
I'm from the projects, as in the 3rd Ward

As up in uptown, ah-what you heard of, it goes
{"Hey, hey, hey!"} Put your trigger fingers up I'm from around the way, it goes
{"Hey, hey, hey!"} Put your trigger fingers up I'm from around the way, it goes

I got ghosts on my team unseen

And they only be ridin with me 'til we do one thing
The watch, the bling bling, $#&@ what you heard
I ain't even gotta tell 'em nothin to give 'em the word

Put bosses on injured reserve, $#&@ losses
Put your sister brother mammy and your pa on the curb
I can make an ounce out of a quarter of a bird

Introduce you to the killers, all my dogs in the 3rd
Know that, this ain't the spot to sco' at
Cause you don't know if ^!$$% really got a package or he's scopin to jack

If they get'cha won't nobody rat
These families been here for years with kids and they not about to demolish that
We got {?} and a lot of crack

Clearin our tracks cause fiends could be givin 'em a whole lot of facts
My lil' spot where it was poppin at
Standin in the court all day thinkin of ways to get out of that


Storm with me, waitin on Mignon and Iggy
And this one gon' be out'chea in a minute ya hear me?

Hoe listen, watch them ^!$$%z, let me do me
They gon' spin the bend right now, they know we on duty
I got my lil' cutey, I took her from hard times

Go 'head hand me the strap when these ^!$$%z get out of line
I ain't tryin to size the beef up or measure it
But I'm know in your place's where you mother$#&@ers better get

We ain't gotta go back and forth people to settle this
X Juvey out, just handle business for Terius
I'm Conan wild wod', I'm glow{?}anchardo{?}

Run up like a stupid and get thrown in the pile hoe
You don't see me with no bodyguards, probably in exotic cars
Gettin the 411 from a lot of broads

You can get this money with me you ain't gotta starve
You my people with this business so I got a job



Yeah I'm focusin on learnin from all your mistakes now
Was a face in the crowd, I'm a baller with grace now
I miss illegal %#@! but I don't $#&@ with the cops

Cause I'm always smokin some killer when I cut through the blocks and stop
'Fore I ignore it, my name be in all type of %#@!
Trippin over my car, and I don't even like the (*##$

^!$$%z get that false courage and buck
But you ain't doin %#@! unless the murder rate raise up
Lil' wonder, youth symbol stand for two K's up

It ain't your mother$#&@in business about who pays us
Projects know you got some change on ya, it' sa shame on ya
I'm fresh out of the shootin range with my aim on ya

I heard 'em say they catchin feelings now cause I'm boss
Well put your drawers in your booty (*##$ and break to the North
What ^!$$% I ain't feelin nothin, and I ain't fearin none

This is the Magnolia and see where this guerilla from [echoes]

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