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JUVENILE lyrics : "A Million And One Things"

(feat. Hot Boys)

[Lil' Wayne]

This.. this here's real, ^!$$%
It's real, ^!$$%

Too real
Pay attention even though I'm young, ^!$$%
Look, look

This one here's on tha up, dog
For all my people with bad luck, dog
Strugglin', tryin' ta make a buck, dog

For all tha peeps who ain't with us, dog
For all my ^!$$%s in Angola, stay tough, dog
See, this from shorty on tha real

I'm tired of seein' my ^!$$%s gettin' killed
They hustlin' for a mil, ^!$$%, hustle for your bills
If ya think ya need help, holla at me, wodie, I'm trill

If I got it ta spend, then I got it to give
But listen, man.. I know ya see the ice glistenin', man
I know it make you wanna go get it bad

But ya gotta think 'fore ya move, partna
'Cause it'll make your ship sink and you will lose, partna
I know you hate ta take it from a young ^!$$% like me

But I betcha can't name one ^!$$% like me
That's why I'm tryin' ta preach, my ^!$$%
And teach, my ^!$$%

If ya don't work ya don't eat, my ^!$$%

[Chorus x2: Juvenile]

They got a million and one things that you could be doin'
Than hangin' around this mother$#&@er talkin' to your children
Get off your $$#, lil' daddy, and go and get it

It's starin' at ya right in your face, you ain't wit it


Look at ya, you're $#&@in' up and I can tell it too
What is ya smokin'? Everything a ^!$$% sellin' you?!
I know you could do better than that, and deserve more

Ya use to be tight with your game back in '84
All tha hoes use ta jock ya
^!$$%s use ta knock ya

Stay a big shot, mother$#&@er couldn't stop ya
Then ya went ta runnin' 'round tha project with them junkies
Holes in your shoes, and your body all funky

Lips all ashy, eyes popped out
Spendin' your children check, takin' food out they mouth
And you get mad with me 'cause I don't wanna give you ten

I don't support your habit, ^!$$%, y'all grown men
I got kids ta feed, I got bills ta pay
I got people comin' askin' for %#@! everyday

I can't please everybody, but I love my folks
If I give ya everything, baby, I'ma be broke

[Chorus x2]


Look... look.. look
Where I stay, times is hard for a lot of my peeps
Some of my rounds doin' bad.. can't even much eat

Everytime I pass through, beggin' me for a dollar
Thinkin' I owe them somethin', don't even wanna holla
^!$$% who use ta be ballin' ain't ballin' no mo'

I can see they life fadin' away slowly for sure
^!$$%s who I come up with get me full of that dope
Use ta care about theyself, ain't care no mo'

^!$$%s want me ta help 'em.. ain't helpin' theyself
You must be out your mind if you ain't helpin' yourself
Ain't no love loss... I just gotta stay my distance

Gotta keep my mind straight.. before I come up missin'
Gotta do my rap thing, and make my paper, mister
Ain't gon' let nobody stop me from gettin' my six figures

Gettin' my shine on, bling-blingin' everyday
If you're not for tha right, stay tha $#&@ out my way, ^!$$%

[Chorus x2]

Everytime I hit tha block, it look like it get worse
Make me wonder if V.L. and Magnolia got a curse

My ^!$$%s still my ^!$$%s... got love for 'em all
I hate to see that market ride they back and make 'em fall
Somebody tell me, if I didn't have change and I was broke
Would I get tha same attention when I'm in tha next four-door
No, I don't think so, I'll be a equal ^!$$%

On the set, smokin' jo's, beggin' people for scrilla
On the reala... if I could do it, then you could
Lay your hustle down and make your way out the hood
Ain't nobody gon' give no hand-outs, I swear
Ain't nobody gon' pay tha bills in your house, I swear

They don't care, ya gotta stand on your own, my ^!$$%
You ain't no child, look in tha mirror, you're grown, my ^!$$%
Do yourself a favor: leave tha !@(% alone, my ^!$$%
And get your hustle on, ^!$$%, get it on, my ^!$$%

[Chorus x4]

[Juvenile talking]
Man, you could be out here tryin' ta do somethin', man
I mean everytime we come through, man, I do somethin' for my people, man
I give tha little kids a dollar or so, ya know what I'm sayin'

I try ta do things for tha football team
Try ta take care of my people
Try ta show them how ta help theyself
'Cause they got a lot of problems

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