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JUSTIN NOZUKA : down in a cold dirty well lyrics

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JUSTIN NOZUKA lyrics : "down in a cold dirty well"

painted a picture of how its suppose to turn out,
turn out,
down in a cold dirty well and i can't climb out,

climb out.
can't see no light, can't hear no bells, they walk right over me can't hear my yells,

they say im missing and search all over the town.
oh, look left and then right but they'll never look down,
don't look down.

digging my grave, i won't be saved, i won't be saved, so, digging my grave.

helpless, hopless, cold and lonely, only you can save me now,

trembelling, shivering, scared, i want this all to end, if only you could hear me now.

my mind is spinning around and around and around,

ohh, yeah, on my way down, on my way diddy down down
the louder i am

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