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JUSTICE FAILS lyrics : "Ether"

Your deception is like the morning after a rainstorm
One is done but another is on it's way
But where can we go?

Where can we hide?

I grab your hand

I can see that it's cold
They won't find us this time
They won't find us this time

I promise


(I was speaking to the white wall of death
These lies waking the serpent cradled on the ocean floor
Don't know why we're drowning

Or what we're drowning in)

I can see that you're scared

I can see that you're frightened
I look at you
I look in your eyes

And I tell you everything's gonna be ok
But I don't even know for myself


The sun peers in

The sun peers in through the blinds
They catch a small glimpse
Suddenly the door busts open


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