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JUSTICE FAILS lyrics : "Against An Army"

And I stand up for the tenth time
I pick up what appears to be my throat
And the words that I said

Something you will never take from me

You will never take it from me

And it appears that you've tried to take away my thoughts

And my emotions
But I continue to walk down the street by myself
Walking along I feel like I'm against an army

I feel like I'm against an army

(If I stare at the sun until it dies
Would it's darkness encircle me?

If these hands could pierce the sky
Would you taste heaven at my fingertips?)

And then they come
They come over the hills
What am I gonna do?

I reached into my pocket
And I pull out something I wrote

I begin to use it


Cause you will have to beat me down
You'll have to $#&@ing torture me

To keep me from saying what I wanna say

I have a message

And I will say it


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