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Just In Case : The Game lyrics

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Just In Case lyrics : "The Game"

I got a feeling that I'm losing my mind again
Something hit me and I couldn't get out off the way
This place is empty and it's sad that no one's here

You could be anywhere... I mean everywhere

My heart is beating and I couldn't stand the pain

You speak so easy but the word is so extreme
You think I'm wasted but I'm much too strong for you
You throw it all away... you gave it all away

Got to get up again, been through a lot of game

I need to break this out, been through a lot of shame


Cause you played those "wicked game"
Run and walk away
Now I can't pretend

That I can't turn back now

I've seen the difference and a reason not to try

My life is wasted and I've waited all inside
I can't believe it but I acted like a clown
I figured all it out I'm only freaking out

I know we could have made it somewhere very far

We could have been together every hour
For almost every time...

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