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JURASSIC 5 : The Way We Do It lyrics

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JURASSIC 5 lyrics : "The Way We Do It"

That's just the way we do it
That's just the way we do it

It's J5 in the house tonight
Yes sir, damn right we're in the house tonight

[Verse 1: Akil]
It's like front and center for those who don't get it
We hit it and stay committed, the skies is the limit

Rock on and twist it, hop it, don't stop it
Drop it like it's heavy when the DJ knock it

[Verse 2: Chali 2na]
Tight swifts, so vivid, my folks is close knitted
With every note we're gon' get close to your spirit

If not post and pivot some folks just don't get it
We got a gross fetish for beats and dope lyrics

[Verse 3: Marc 7]
For real, watch my community as we stomp through your city
Destroying every and any club or academy

Rap style too plenty, baby, rain, snow or sunny
The game is nose runny, my team is your money

[Verse 4: Zaakir]
Yes, Lord, it's hard to not give us applause
Accolades and awards, they even out the odds

A little fire the bars, a flame you can't dodge
We kill 'em and play hard with with 'em 16 bars


[Verse 5: Akil]

We like to mash off, bogart, kill it when the track's hard
Yes, y'all, fresh, y'all, flyest %#@! you ever saw
A to the K, I to the L rock well

Hit the block, tip topping every jail cell

[Verse 6: Marc 7]

Push the panic button cause we like a panic coming
Vicious avalanche or something plus I ainâ??t retracting nothing
Enough said, we roll with rough dreads

You old and busted, my crew we hustling

[Verse 7: Chali 2na]

Yeah, we grandslam when we canâ??t stand fishes
One hell of a band and my plans ambitious
We allergic to lies and to ham sandwiches

We stay flexible for if the grand plan switching

[Verse 8: Zaakir]

So if by chance you catch a glimpse
Of the West co-representative, 5 star commemorative
Rap far from primitive, inventive

Just hear it and remember itâ??s us, J5


[Verse 9: Akil]
Yo, we came to push up on ya

Southern California, top notch performer
With the corner of Roma
Run up on ya, yeah, tell it to a friend

We suck it up and blow it out in the wind

[Verse 10: Chali 2na]

And we come from the beginner, never been a pretender
Seven letters and put â??em together, kill the competitor
Better than most, we servinâ?? devils for dinner

Tryna get to one of the seven levels agenda, for real

[Verse 11: Marc 7]

We set trends and never follow behind
My crew be swallowing rhymes while you following dimes
We take it to the limit, no gimmicks or false images

Style is all scrimmage, thatâ??s why Iâ??m all linen

[Verse 12: Zaakir]
We certified to vibe and cutting off the air supply
We kick, spit, stab and kill every vocab

The minute we go back, the old school rhythm we shown that
Alot of cats wish to throwback

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