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JURASSIC 5 lyrics : "The Influence"

Yo, I create off drum drops and ate away blacktops
Grab the mic so you don't react

The double X Polo shirt with the hat to match
In fact, we verbally vibrate your track

[Marc 7even]
Then crush your confidence like plastic condiments
Build you up to break you down like forgotten monuments

The question is this: will they return with the hot %#@!?
Or keep it on the low flow

[Charli 2na]
Yo, and for you confused !@$(s, Tuna the blues master
Quick to grib the mic, crews fast and soundclashing

Critical mass, pinnacle blast have been deflected
Hypodermic vocals I flash get you infected

I don't sip on brew, so this Bud's for you
Speak when spoken to whenever you come through

My vibes fill you, Internal Revenue
You rhyme prostitute for little or no loot

[Jurassic 5]
Cause a lotta these kids think that commercial
Is rocking fly suits and jewelry

But we can rock shows with no rehearsal
With the Rebels of Rhythm and Unity

Yeah, cause I'm nice, smooth, hard as a bone
Since I pick up the microphone I'm hotter than brimstone

The razor sharp crossbow accurate
We drop the multiverbal miligram suppliment

Plus in bed, theological word advance
Been Too Legit To Quit before the Hammer pants

The parent to the pen converts words to song
Stay blacker than the New Year Harlem Renaissance

[Charli 2na]
No comp, we paint a darker picture, in your sector
Perfect verbal architecture, sparking lectures

Lyrics infectious, $#&@ your Lexus
If you ain't giving God your praise then it's useless
Like when MC's try to make hits and them %#@!s flop

Running races like they was Penelope Pitstop
Develop these hits rock bottem, the disk jock got 'em
Souped up, but his rhyme is beating his loops up

[Jurassic 5]
Like dah dah (dah dah)

Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Dah dee dee dee dah dah)
Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah

[Marc 7even]
I can see clearly now, top of the pile with my style
Check the profile, it shifts like sundial

Crisp like young smiles, we rip and run wild
Intent to rock crowds, some bite like rottwilds

Your game is disconnected, misdirected
Disrespected, when we come in, expect some next %#@!

The J-U-R-A, classical forte
Get low down & dirty like the inner ?Moray?

My heart pump the rhythm of the militant street life
Soldier of composure up under the street light

The coat style, prototype, professional
Media light shine bright, now kill all the
Bull%#@!, cheap talk and lip service

Jealousy and envy and undertone cursed in your verses
Serve the purpose of a ^!$$% living nervous
Unsure and uncertain but about to short circuit

[Jurassic 5]

Like dah dah (dah dah)
Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Bah dee dee dee dah dah)
Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Repeat 2x]

[Marc 7even]

Ayo my gift of gab should be sold in bags
Boost up the price tag, make a wack rapper mad
Rely on my right side, securing our tape tight
Tasty tangibles to your mandible and clavicle

[Charli 2na]
Yo, easily 2na be, cleverly swelling my treasury
Vocal pedigree for you critics who try to measure me
But easily I'm about to run you down my resume
Had a bundle of struggle from birth to my present day

Yo, your love don't compute, perhaps you need a boost
A magical flute, some nose candy to toot
Before you get loose, express and tear the roof
You claim you got the juice, but you lame and out the loop

So I $$#ociated myself with fossilized figures
Crack the summer sizzler, hit the real live ^!$$%s
My influence is gunshots and trauma units
Street trends, with material word friends

[Jurassic 5]
Like dah dah (dah dah)
Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Bah dee dee dee dah dah)
Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Repeat 2x]

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