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JURASSIC 5 : Sum of Us lyrics

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JURASSIC 5 lyrics : "Sum of Us"

[Chali 2na]
Sparklin' extreme spinnage
Watchin' your scene plumett

If lyrics were green vomit
My vocals would clean stomachs
Addicts wean from it

Where dreams and green run it
The faces on money change like the host on Teen Sumit
I'm close to being done with this industry's cream driven

Supreme livin', seein' more demons than Gene Simmons
And mean fibbin' actors be adlibbin'
Fakin' the funk and some of us naturally had rhythm

Some of us act like they had women
Gats in the abdomen back when the fact is them cats
They didn't have nuttin

For certain I'm sure it's fiction but for some
The purest diction
Insures their jurisdiction

I'm kicking it up a level trying to stay in the red
Some stay in the bed, zombie
Like the Day of the Dead

With decay in the head
Playin' instead of stayin' ahead
Steadily portrayin' celebs, delayin' the inevitable

When some come round
They run down when they touch ground
They climb up the structures unsound

Some of you like the way my words caress tracks
While some of these politicians secretly suppress facts

[Chorus: x2]
I'm sayin' through songs I write

My wrongs I right
If you wanna fight the power
Get the power to fight

Cuz some of us judge without knowing the man's inner
And some of us find fault in the sin and not the sinner

Influential ideas
Push pressure on my peers

That's why most of these brothers have short term careers
You appear to be what's happenin'
One a year you crackin'

One hitter quitter now you missin' in action
With no satisfaction from the streets
I only hear foolishness when you speak

I repeat, my predecessor's endeavor with pleasure
Lock and load, explode and come better
Hopin that generation X

Be more wicked with the flex
And not so quick to cash a check
And disrespect, talkin' guns and sex

Guns and death, but end up gettin' layed to rest
At your request
You're at the end of your line

Out of your mind
Idle women, weed and wine
And shells for your nine

The blind lead the blind
Time after time
When you rhyme for the shine

[Chorus x2]

[Chali 2na]
Yo, I'm tellin' you to REBEL
But dude, if you stale

The 2na can tell
Either you're comin' to the party or you truant as hell
Politicians ain't got no problem puttin' you in the cell

It's like we rolled up a snowball and threw it in hell
See some of us are looted with mail and suited to swell
But still blind like you're fluent in Braille

Yo, I never can tell uh, why some make it or fail
Speak it and spell overcome and still prevail

[Chali 2na]
We ripple the water frequently
Blink if we show delinquency, please
Human frequencies
Have been diseased, A breeze ain't what I'm feelin'

Healin' is essential
Mental aggrivation shows you what we've been through

Yo, sign of the times influence the way I rhyme, man

Pick up a nine and put down your picket sign, man
Your life is worth way more than just some diamonds
Without bling I still gleam
Glisten and shine, man

[Chorus x2]

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