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JURASSIC 5 lyrics : "Red Hot"

[Marc 7:]
Syllable slasher, insurmountable mic gasher
Quick to vent with intent, you can't crash us

Constant link passers, styles'll skate past ya
Beats that we present will make you hate like a slave master(Hardcore)
Heated and hot, control the venomous plots

We be the cream of the crop, so keep our name out your mouth
We'll entertain your brain for three minutes and change
Ain't it strange, your fame is three minutes and change

Let me finish explainin', break it down like a layman
All the stuff that you sayin', Ain't it all entertainin'

Uhh, Yea...
(Red hot) molten lava

Too hot for toddlers
Too hot for you and your crew so don't bother
I'm the globetrotter, party block rocker

Heart and show stopper, break it off proper


With lengths to go,Yo
The Jacques Cousteau with flow, and underground continental
With words that blow

The competitions straight to the door
We'll rock it, Herbie Han@@#! it like '84, Fo' sho'

This jam is red hot

[Chali 2na:]
A smooth brotha, for real we buckshots like that BlackMoon fella
The backroom sellers makin' rap tunes illa

The Killa flow spilla, the Chicago thrilla named 2na

[Marc 7:]

We come tramplin', your city and stand in
We movin' in tandem, your crew couldn't phathom
We reppin' the fashion, no mushin' and mashin'

I'm through with you has beens
Your crew better cash in

This jam is red hot, when were rockin the spot
If you like it or not, this jam is red hoooooot

The vangard of art

Quick to put pen to the thought
And nice from the minute I start, huh
Maneuver well, I tell girls that can't tell

That say since I don't look like Maxwell
They think I can't mack well

[Chali 2na:]
We them backpack boys, at your backdoor
They can catch a cap like a hatch door

Givin' the exact score
Forever we fight for honor yo
Tight since we was lable mates with Mic Geronimoooo!

[Marc 7:]
Walking, stompin' in my big black boots

It be the crew J5 and we're all in cahoots
(Soon) to bring it to ya live, yea that's what you paid for
With skills much sharper than a Texas Chainsaw

Yo, pipin' hot and your mic is not

We steam from the pot, you wet like rain drops
We fire with the brimstone
Heat up your girls erogenous zones with electrified sparks and poems

This jam is red hot, when were rockin the spot

If you like it or not, this jam is red hoooooot

This jam is red hot

[Chali 2na:]

So let the ash blow
We relieve static with a grammatic fiasco

[Marc 7:]
Don't even start me

We rippin' up your party
Put us on a marque
We clutch without the car keys

[Jurassic 5:]

This jam is red hot

Mind blowa, syllable Sammy Sosa
Dap the King's Cobra

Huh, we come up to sun up thanks to NU
And you can say, I'm on his dick cause you are too, Come On!


This jam is red hot, when were rockin the spot
If you like it or not, this jam is red hoooooot

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