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JULY FOR KINGS : 100 Pianos lyrics

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JULY FOR KINGS lyrics : "100 Pianos"

Michigan Lakes
Remember we moved 100 pianos
In one day

For some kind of show
My brother was M.I.A.

We met in July
I think we were swimming at the lake
When Pope Paul died

I thought to myself
'You'd make the perfect bride'

But I never could make you laugh
If I could make you laugh

Would you have stayed
When I left

I can still recall your taste
It's all I kept
That town was such a waste

But you I won't forget
When work was steady enough
And everyone wanted uprights in their ba!@&(t dens

Unfinished houses they were just built right in
My mom and dad
I still think my leaving was a thing that did them in

Came back for the wakes
I never came home again

If I could make you laugh (X4)


I never could forget
Was it love or just a play

It seems a million years away
Sometimes I see you in my sleep
Muddy water on your feet

The sun was shining on your hair
I reach your hand but you're not there
I hope you're laughing all the time

I hope you still can read my mind
I hope you're laughing all the time
All the time

All the time

I think in the spring

I'll go back and buy one of those pianos
Learn to play
I'm setting aside

A couple of hours a day

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