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JULIAN MARLEY : Awake lyrics

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JULIAN MARLEY lyrics : "Awake"

WHOA!! (3 x's) For many years, we've been lost in our tears, When will we wake? We've got to wake. Ay!! For many years, the prophets have spoken, but will we hear? And still we can't find, no peace of mind.

When will we wake? We've got to wake. (2x's) Awake.

Said we've fought so many battles, for who? Yet our minds remain in shackles. Cuz if we play dead and blind, we'll never see, the sign.

When will we wake? We've got to wake. (2x's) Awake. Ay.

From down on time began. Runners polluting by means of exploiting the land. And they tried to close the open doors, before we slipped through. If we don't know by now, I'll tell you my friend we'll never know. If you stand subdued, tell me now would you go back, the game was set to lose, got to play to win it, yeah!!

Lust of life is greed. It's churning for the (?)

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