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Julian Drive : Unplug lyrics

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Julian Drive lyrics : "Unplug"

(Verse 1)
Noise is blaring down the hall, picture frames begin to fall
In my room in this debris, hypnotized by my TV

(Pre Chorus)
Distractions all around me, I need to cut the noise

Let the silence drown me, so I can hear Your voice


I'm caught up, I'm feeling trapped in this way I'm living
Tangled in this web I've got the urge
To unplug and feel the surge

Of Your love, of Your touch, of everything You're made of
Tangled in this web I've get the urge
To unplug and feel the surge

(Verse 2)
Phone is ringing in my ear, what You're saying, I can't hear

Breakin up my signals weak, besides I don't have time to speak


Something deep inside me cries, wake up now and realize
Rid myself of anything, that might come between You and me

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