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Josh Ritter lyrics : "Song For The Fireflies"

After all the lights had died
Out behind the palasades park
Fireflies remembered to do

Exactly what they were supposed to

And memories were like coins that tumbled

Somersaulting through the deep
Down every well we threw them in
Until they came to the top again

And out like the sun
In your hair, in your hair

Every month that ends its spin
Is picked up by the moon for keeping

Clean and safe from accidents
Sheltered from the elements
But June is like an echo

Of the sounds we never made
I swear they find me in my waking hours
Thirty days like poison flowers

The wind in your hair
Like a sigh, like a sigh

With intermittent rain and shine
the sky re-started six or seven times

It's blue because it sees
All our infidelities
We both know that it's been so long

I'm not sure what to say so I hope
Fireflies remember to do exactly what it was they used to

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