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Josh Ritter lyrics : "Locks"

There was a time I had the right key
Rolled the tumbler slid the bolt on every wandering eye I caught
But something has changed this is all wrong

I'm out here in the cold with a wet face rattling your locks
There ain't nothing new about the world
That I aint' learned from just standing here in this spot

Ain't nothing new about the world
That I ain't learned from just watching you go by

I tell myself people are cold and strangers pass
Separate themselves from love by building walls a hundred thousand miles high
Frostbite and heartsickness

Ain't neither one of them so bad if you can understand the
Reason why

Black hole, black hole are your eyes as empty as they look?
Black hole, black hole, are your two eyes as empty as they look?
All along I thought I was giving you my love but you were just stealing it

Now I want every single thing you took

I had a dream that I was dying

But it wasn't a nightmare I was real peaceful as I fell
And if I was falling into heaven
Heaven must be hotter than the bible tells

I woke up sorry I was living
Rather than rattling your locks I'd rather spend another night in hell

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