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Jordyn Taylor : You Make Me Mad lyrics

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Jordyn Taylor lyrics : "You Make Me Mad"

I hate it how angry you make me
Cause it takes so much for me to fall in love
There's no one else i know could break me

Into a million pieces swept under the rug
Trying to cover myself up but somehow
When i least expect it, i was gunned down

Taking shots after love, my guard is down
I would tell my girls it isn't worth it
Don't you fall for him he don't deserve it

I love you but somehow,
You make me mad

You.. You got me feeling so vulnerable
Love used to be the bad guy starring in the show

Don't know what's going on,
Put my house lights on, don't wanna be alone
You...You make me mad (x3)

Cause i fell in love with, you
You make me mad, you, you make me mad
Cause i fell in love with you, with you

My favorite love song is your ringtone
But i haven't heard it once at all today

Call me tomorrow, like my nothings wrong
And you forgot that it's been 6 months since the day

Wanna tell myself that it was okay
Let you in, and you to be like no way
Thought it was all part of love

Mama used to say,
"baby girl sit down before you get hurt,
It's not a race, relax, dont need to get first"

I love you but somehow,


If you know what i'm sayin
Grab him right now and say it!

Really mean, let me hear you say it!
"you make me mad!"

With you, with you, with you
Cause i fell in love with you

With you, with you,
Cause i fell in love with you


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