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Jolina Magdangal : Sad Movies lyrics

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Jolina Magdangal lyrics : "Sad Movies"

Always make me cry

He said he had to work

So I went to the show alone
They turned off the lights
And turned the projector on

And just as the news of the world started to begin
I saw my darling and my bestfriend
Walk in

Though I was sitting there They didn't see
And so they sat right down in front of me

When he kissed her lips
I almost died
And in the middle of the colored cartoon

I started to cry

Oh, oh,oh, Sad movies

Always make me cry
Oh,oh,oh, Sad movies
Always make me cry

So I got up
And slowly walk on home

And mama saw the taers
And sain What's wrong?
And so to keep from telling her a lie

I just said
Sad Movies
Make me cry

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