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John Williamson : I'm Fair Dinkum (Live) lyrics

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John Williamson lyrics : "I'm Fair Dinkum (Live)"

I'm Fair [email protected]$&, bloody oath I am
I've loved the smell of gum leaves, since I was in a pram

Some places may be greener, but I don't give a damn
'Cause I'm Fair [email protected]$&, bloody oath I am.

Now I was in the doctor's just the other day
He told me take an aspirin, the pain would go away
So I pulled out my chequebook, 'cause sickness doesn't pay

I said, "Are you fair @#$%um?" - what did the doctor say?

He said, "Ah so..." [Repeat Chorus with Chinese accent]

I said, "Well can you recommend a nice little Chinese restaurant?"

Then I whistled down a taxi cab and headed for the east
A bad case of munchies, I was ready for a feast
The driver said "Indian?" - I said, "Oh well, I'd rather not"

He said, "Why don't you come around to my place,
My curry's rather hot".

I said, "Are you fair @#$%um?"
He said, "Oh..." [Repeat Chorus with Indian accent]

Well, I tipped the nice cabbie so he wouldn't make a fuss
I shot out like a bullet and I grabbed a Bondi bus
I said, "Take me to the waves mate, I'm dyin' for a dip"

He said "Now you be very careful and watch you don't slip.

"Oh, are you fair @#$%um?"

He said, "Ah by gum..." [Repeat Chorus with Pommy accent]

Well everybody's claiming Australia as their own

I'm no aborigine, so I won't point the bone
It shows good taste mate, so I shouldn't moan
If you got a problem, get Al Grassby on the phone.

Yeah, we're Fair [email protected]$&, bloody oath we are

We all love Koalas and singin' round the bar
And con somebody's missus to drive the flamin' car
Yeah, we're Fair [email protected]$&, bloody oath we are.

Now give me a home where life is what you make
Where I can walk about, just for walking's sake

Where I can tell our leaders to go jump in the lake
But I'll never knock Australia, you make no mistake.

[Repeat Chorus to tune of bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

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