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John Valby : Supercalifragilistic lyrics

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John Valby lyrics : "Supercalifragilistic"

Supercalifragilistic expialadocious
Everytime I lick your butt
it gives me halitosis

Everytime you fart into my
face it makes me nauseous
Do I wear a rubber on my tongue

or am I just being cautious

One day when I was pumpin' iron

at the local gym
Some people said my pecker
looked just like another limb

I didn't get so big and long
from all that iron pumpin'
I tied the chord around it once

when I went bungee jumpin'

I dated Dolly Parton once

I barely got a hard-on
Her legs were way too skinny
and her $$# had all that lard on

Something happened when I
started playin' with her knockers
My pecker popped up twice as high

like Orville Redenbacher

Too healthy with my impotence

I turned to modern science
My wife got so excited when
she saw the new appliance

Livin' with a nymphomaniac
is kinda hectic
My penile implant's stimulator

is General Electric

GE we bring good things to life

When Ross Perot $#&@s with wife
he doesn't do it thoroughly

Just before she's gonna come
the [email protected]$( pulls out early
Now he's in the race to stay

not just to test the waters
Unless of course the press picks on
his other [email protected]() (*##$ daughters

I had a dream the other night
I had a special vision

I saw Jim Bakker getting butt$#&@ed
in a federal prison
I also saw 2 old ladies

rollin' on the floor
It was Leona Helmsley
eating out Zsa Zsa Gabor

A super hero's had an orgy
had everyone's dick throbbin'

Spider man was butt$#&@ed by
that [email protected]$) boy wonder Robin
Supergirl and Wonderwoman

both took off their girdles
Got on their knees and
butt$#&@ed Teenage

Mutant Ninja Turtles

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