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John Valby : Brady Bunch lyrics

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John Valby lyrics : "Brady Bunch"

It's the story
of an ugly lady
who was bringing up

3 semi-ugly girls
All of them had pubies
like their mother

The youngest one in curls

It's the story

of a [email protected]$) named Brady
Who was bringing up
3 boys of his own

They'd get hard-ons
right after dinner
No half-and-half

they'd creme their own

Till the one day when

the lady met this fellow
And they knew that it was
much more than a hunch

That these pinheads should
never have more children
That's the way they all became

the Butt$#&@ Bunch

The Butt$#&@ Bunch

The Butt$#&@ Bunch
That's the way they became
the Butt$#&@ Bunch

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