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John Valby : Bang Bang Lulu lyrics

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John Valby lyrics : "Bang Bang Lulu"

Bang Bang Lulu
Lulu bang-a-lang

Who we gonna bang on
when Lulu goes away?


Some girls work in factories

some girls work in stores
Lulu works in Levittown
with 40 other [email protected]^%s


Lulu $#&@ed a monkey
and then a kangaroo
Now her kids get homesick

each time they pass the zoo


A city girl uses Vaseline
A country girl uses lard

Lulu don't use nothin'
she gets it twice as hard


A rich girl uses a Kotex

A poor girl uses a rag
Lulu's cunt is so damn big
she uses a burlap bag


Lulu's cunt's so dirty
the [email protected]&( just seeps out
You can take a fishing pole

and hook a couple of trout


Lulu took a laxative
%#@! right through some screens

Fed it to a Mexican who said
"Great refried beans"


A pregnant lady she was there

her belly was well hung
When I went to eat her
a little hand grabbed my tongue


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