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John Valby : Always A Woman lyrics

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John Valby lyrics : "Always A Woman"

Sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "Always A Woman"

She's got the best tongue work

that you've ever seen
She licks both my balls till
they're shiny and clean

And her pink little #[email protected]'s
as tight as it can be
I know it's the cat but

it feels like a woman to me

Oh I explode in her twat

Now there's fur balls and snot
hangin' off of my dick
Oh I got a phone call today

from the SPCA
I think they used the word "sick"

She rubs on my leg when
she wants to get laid
I duct tape her eyes

when I spray her with Raid
She keeps coming back
but that's alright by me

My girl or my cat
it all tastes like #[email protected] to me

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