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John Valby : 16 Tons lyrics

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John Valby lyrics : "16 Tons"

I pulled her pants right down
and what'd I get?
A whiff of Cape Cod

and some underwear sweat
My knees started buckling
my bladder lost control

But my dick stood up
like a telephone pole

She weighed 16 tons
tits like a house
Her armpit hairs

held a trap for a mouse
Her crabs in her beaver
were 80 years old

The cheese on her snapper
was beginning to mold

I $#&@ed her 16 times
and what has she got?
50 [email protected]($s and a stretched out twat

Said "Peter, don't you call me
cause I can't go
My dick is still stuck

in the (*##$'s $$#hole"

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