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JOHN LEGEND : Money Blown lyrics

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JOHN LEGEND lyrics : "Money Blown"


Don't let it fool you brother

[VERSE 1:]
Beware of what you see

You've been consumed by all your visions of luxeries
Betrayed your friends and brother
Bridges that carry you

But when you need them later
They won't be there for you

You're so high now
You think you'll never fall

But when you come down
Who will you call

Whatchu gonna do when your money's blown
Your friends are gone and you're all alone

Now you gotta be hangin on
With no where else to run to
You should know it won't make you whole

You gain the world but you lose your soul
Spend your life in the search of dough
You find out it just won't save you


[VERSE 2:]
You think that having money
Brings joy and peace to you

But the pursuit of it might bring out the beast in you
She's the American dream but can't face reality
That what your chasing only lasts temporarily

You're so high now

Someday you're gonna fall
But when you come down
Who will you call


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