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JOHN LEGEND : Hey Girl lyrics

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JOHN LEGEND lyrics : "Hey Girl"

hey girl do you think i'm a fool
or just another of your city boy
tryin play it cool

hey hey girl would you give me a chance
to tryin show you who i really am
and how i know it could be together

i remember clearly the first time i saw you around
you were hoping someone and i was just a face in the ground
but you were more than my heart could handle

you've been wish me girl


and i don't know why i am so damn drunk to you
maybe it's your smile all those eyes of blue
but since i am i really hope you feel it too

cause if you do
it surely means that dreams come true
tell em darling, tell em that you feel it too yeah

show me girl the dreams do come true

mhhm yeha

hey girl, do you think we could be friends
or maybe just a little more

why could pretend
'cause i don't know what it is about you
but you're driving me insane

and i do believe i'm crazy now about you
oh, i guess you could say i always had atrck of mine
and you've been on that straight for a very very long time

but don't stops just a one way ticket girl to my heart


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