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JILL SCOTT : Whenever You're Around lyrics

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JILL SCOTT lyrics : "Whenever You're Around"

(feat. George Duke)


Mmmm hmmm,
Listen to me,listen to me,listen to me,

listen to me
Listen to me,listen to me,listen to me,listen...

I've been talking to this man
He's been saying what I like and
He makes me smile,

When I'm down,so down

He says sweet things in my ear

All the things that I needed to hear
But that's as far as it's gone
I promise,I promise

But I enjoy it,I love it so
Cause it seems like I'm always alone

You're at arms reach
But baby,
Where are you?

Where are you?
Cause I got this fire
Sweet and true

But I'm cold as ice around you


Cause I'm lonely
Whenever you're around
Cause I'm lonely

Whenever you're around

[Instrumental Break]

What happened to the wonderful thing

we had
It seems like you're missing in action
And I'm tired,I'm tired

I'm tired,I'm tired,I'm tired,I'm tired

I don't wanna lose this good life

But I ain't scared
If I'm going to be the only one participating
in this


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