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Jhene Aiko : The Vapors Ft Wiz Khalifa (Remix) lyrics

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Jhene Aiko lyrics : "The Vapors Ft Wiz Khalifa (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
You been on my mind

I been tryna let it go
I been tryna find
Somethin' as incredible

As you and I
But that's a never
No feeling can compare to you

You just gotta let me know


Can I hit it again? Can I hit it again?
Can I hit it again? Can I hit it again?
Can I hit it again? Can I hit it again?

Can I hit it again? Can I hit it again?
(Take me over...)
I'm under your control)

[Verse 2]
You stay on the grind

I'm always available
Rollin' in my ride
So I gotta take it slow

You got me so high
Up, up and away we go
Racing to the sky

I'm feeling unfadable
Cuz the vapors
Can save us

And take us
And make us believe
That we are free

We can be free
So can I please


[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]

Been on this road so long, don't even know Annotatewhere we goin'
Let's roll some joints, it doesn't matter how many we smoke
So many cars, need help decidin' which one I'mma drive

So many diamonds on my wrist, make my watch look alive
I ain't just talkin' all this %#@!, I'm really workin'
No days off, goin' hard, never takin' a break

And it pays off, more in charge, rollin' up on the job
Havin' fun with my life, you ^!$$%s hella borin'
So many flights it's like I'm teleportin', don't need a home

Bring the gin, bring the strong, bring the weed, bring the bong
Don't come alone, bring all your friends, I'll bring the smoke
How it feel when it's goin' in? Let me know

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