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Jhene Aiko : Sparks Will Fly lyrics

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Jhene Aiko lyrics : "Sparks Will Fly"

It may seem like our fire.
Has been a little burnt out we're tired.
We only need to stay close.

In time, sparks will fly.

I think about you endlessly

I never knew how selfish I could be
Cause I want you all mine, must have watches my head
cause I'm thinking about our times all the time

And it seems like it's to premature to call it quits, lets rename it
I promise you I'm worth it
Even if I never become famous and rename nameless

My heart been burning for you since I met you lets keep the flame lit
I know it's windy but I cant be flameless
What I'm tryna say is. I need you like a requirement

I might've been a player in a past life but you put me into retirement
I'm the luckiest man to have you and you my lucky charm,
provide nd protect make sure you never in harm

Or peril
You could be my queen and I could be your Pharaoh
And at the time of this rhyme you might

Not be mine officially
But it's plain to see you belong with me
That ain't determined by no Fb status.

When they ask whos your man you know who that is
We can't be away from each other like magnets.

It may seem like our fire
Has been a little burnt out we're tired.
We only need to stay close

In time, sparks will fly

Nah I ain't a photographer but I could picture you with me, for all eternity

Nah I ain't an author, but I already know our story nd I'm lovin what's written in ink
You always in my heart even if ain't written with ink.
I'm all yours like a gift or a present.

And though you ain't got wings, you my gift from heaven
I know things are rough at the moment but we gone smooth it out.
I know how precious you are only a fool would walk out.

Even when you selfish nd careless, I don't care less .
I care more
Please for give me for my stupid actions

I know things try to come between us like fractions, but we always divide them
You know found the real me when he was hiding.
You loved him even when we were fighting

You became the girl he talked about in every song he's writing.
We met at the perfect timing.
Almost like it was fate huh

This can't be fake nah .
I love you my panda.
And Thats the truest statement said .

You my only girl aand never need a replacement.
I promise it
No broken promises.

I'm sorry I $#&@ up but I'm only human
And maybe I'm acting tough but who am I foolin'?

I can't live without you .
It's true. Only thing I need in my life is you .
Only girl in my life is you .

When I dream I'm dreaming bout you .
And anytime someone ask bout my dreams I just point at you.
And when they ask who I love the most I point at you.

And the only person I'm missing is you.
I wish yuh were mind again, can we make this dream come true

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