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Jethro Tull lyrics : "The Foot Of Our Stairs"

We sleep by the ever-bright hole in the door,
eat in the corner, talk to the floor,
cheating the spiders who come to say ?please?,

they bend at the knees.
well, i'll go to the foot of our stairs.

old gentlemen talk of when they were young
of ladies lost and erring sons.
lace-covered dandies revel (with friends)

pure as the truth, tied at both ends.
well i'll go to the foot of our stairs.
scented cathedral spire pointed down.

we pray for souls in kentish town.
a delicate hush the gods, floating by
wishing us well, pie in the sky.

god of ages, lord of time, mine is the right to be wrong.
well i'll go to the foot of our stairs.
jack rabbit mister spawn a new breed

of love-hungry pilgrims (no bodies to feed).
show me a good man and i'll show you the door.
the last hymn is sung and the devil cries ?more.?

Well, i'm all for leaving and that being done,
i've put in a request to take up my turn
in that forsaken paradise that calls itself ?hell?

where no-one has nothing and nothing is well meaning fool,
pick up thy bed and rise up from your gloom smiling.
give me your hate and do as the loving heathen do.

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