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JEREMY CAMP : everything lyrics

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JEREMY CAMP lyrics : "everything"

I tried to find anything I could

To fill the void that I had felt inside,

I tried to hide because I never could

Release the very guilt that was in my mind,

But every time that I'd trace these lines,

I'd feel like I had been so blind cause

You are everything that I hope for,

Everything that I breathe for,

Everything that this heart will need,

Everything that I hope for,

Everything that I crave

Sometimes I feel a fight to release the grip

And trust that everything will be alright

It's been so real to feel the peace that you give

Start unfolding when I let things go,

Every weight that I build inside,

When I lay it down I realize that

All these pointless ties to endless lies

That this temporal life will satisfy,

I hide my life in you

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