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JEREMY CAMP : breathe lyrics

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JEREMY CAMP lyrics : "breathe"

You fill my empty soul
I'll give you all control
You take this heart of mine

And make the pieces whole
You broke this fear inside
I'll leave these cares behind

You take this simple mold
And sanctify my mind
You formed me before I was known

I was made your own now
Breathe in me
Breathe the breath of life

It's more than I can see
You took on everything to make me feel complete

You answered every call
You're never far from reach

You lift me when I fall
You break down every wall
You feel my every need I dedicate my all

You took this failed attempt to stand and
You carry me now
I won't hesitate to call

When I'm empty from within
And I know the source of life
Are the very words you give

You formed me before I was known
And I was made your own now

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