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JENNIFER HUDSON : I Love U I Do lyrics

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JENNIFER HUDSON lyrics : "I Love U I Do"

Never met a manQuite like youDoing all you canMaking my dreams come trueYou're strong and you're smartYou've taking my heartAnd I'll give you the rest of me tooYou're the perfect man for meI love you I doMm I love yaI've never feltQuite like thisGood about myselfFrom my very first kissI'm here when you callYou've got it allAnd confidence like I never knewYou're the perfect man for meI love you I doYou've got a charmYou simply disarm me every timeAs long as u drive I'm along for the rideYour the wayI said it before There won't be a door That's closed to usPutting all my trust in youCause you, you'll always be true, OhI never could have knownThis would be, Oh you and you alone, yeahAre all for meI know you're the best You've passed every testIt's almost too good to be trueYou're the perfect man for meI love you I doYou're the perfect man for meI love you I do

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