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JENNIFER HUDSON : Be Grateful lyrics

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JENNIFER HUDSON lyrics : "Be Grateful"

Be grateful
Be grateful

Cold as no heart promised me ..sunshine
That's not the way it's going to be
Of the little rain

Makes me caught sunshine a little place (a grateful place)
Lets appreciate the good time

Be grateful

My desires to feel your long dreams

Every pain that you feel he feels that
Just like you
But he can't afford to let you feel only good (only good)

Then you can't appreciate that good time
Be a bit grateful
Be grateful

Be grateful (Be grateful )

''Cause that someone else who worth something
Be grateful
Cause that someone else who ought to be in your shoes

Be grateful
He sayin' this word that he will never forsake you

Be grateful
Can't say you this word that he will never lead you
Be grateful Be grateful

Be grateful hey yeah
Be grateful be great
Be grateful for what you've care

And anything you .. Be grateful grateful
For everything that you've done
For everything that you're not

So be grateful
For everything you ..

You gotta be grateful
That you've got ..

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