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JENNIFER HUDSON : All Dressed In Love lyrics

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JENNIFER HUDSON lyrics : "All Dressed In Love"

When you can wear
What you feel
What do you wanna say?

Now love
Is a little number
That you can

Wear each day
As long as you let me
Be the accessory

Simply send me
On my way
Style of love

I look good in love

When it's been

Out of sight
And out of mind
For such a long time

That's how one forgets
So I reached
In the back

Of my closet
And pulled it out
And tried it on

And it still fits

So I covered the pain up

With lots of MAC make-up
But I can't help but blush
Because I'm in love

All dressed up in love


Cool in the summer
Warm in the winter
I'm dressed up in love

I'm cool in the summer
Warm in the winter
Cuz I'm in love

All dressed up in love

People are looking

Some even staring
I don't know it
When they ask me

What I'm wearing
This or that
It's made

For any weather
My friend
And I sit down

And we both
Make it together

Now if you really want
One of your own
I hope your shoes

Are made for walking
Cuz I found love
And I you must find love


Cuz I'm in love
And you must find love

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