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don't blame yourself and don't blame me
cause we was both fell in love on a high speed

chasing everything in life but the right things,
said you
wanted space, so i made you leave

you came right back said you left your keys.
wanted space, so i made you leave.
little argument, tears on your cheek.

now im standing here feeling so cold
should we work it out? i don't even know
your friends always tryin' to butt in,

cause they aint got no-one like yo man,
look broman i don't play that we friend
tell that looker lose your number or i'ma lose him

its always two sides of the story
and now i wanna hear yours just boring.
could of compromised, kept going but now it's over

and i'm sorry.


uh uh, uh uh no no way
you won't get the best of me
i don't play

uh uh, uh uh, get up out my face
boy i'm goin an attitude with you baby
love ain't suppose to hurt this bad

i was the best you've ever had
now all you do is make me mad
cause you try to play with my love

oh i'm so over it
i'm o-v-e-r-i-t-z

i'm so over you
you play me for a fool

theres nothin' left for me to do


'cause i gotta pack my bags
and get up out of here
you aint gonna stop me baby

look at what you had my love
now i'm walking out the door

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