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JASMINE V : Remember My Name lyrics

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JASMINE V lyrics : "Remember My Name"

Ahh Ahye Ahye Ahye
Verse 1:
I kept going through the motion, like a ship in a storm,

We were too deep in the sea, to just FALL.
And I'd never be a quitter; I believe I stood tall.
Only to wake up and find myself all alone. Yeah

Even though I knew we had some better days,

Yes I was sure we would get back to it, silly me,
Used to be so into you, now I can't wait to get over you,
I know I will but still, one thing is real...

You will remember my name, doesn't matter who's in the picture,
When everything round you is different, one thing will remain,

You will remember my name, I feel sorry for when it hit ya,
But nobody else will differ, but then it'd be 2 late,
You will remember my name.

Verse 2:
I know you're hurting right now, while you have a smile

But you're the only person you're really letting down,
Cuz I knew once before you, true love won't run out
There's a guarantee you'll come back around.


Verse 3:
You can search the other side of the world,

I can promise that you won't fill the void,
Cuz I was so right for you, and your heart hurts you
Know it's true, keep running away, but you'll remember my name

(Chorus) x2
Oh yeah remember my name x 4

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