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JASMINE V : First Crush lyrics

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JASMINE V lyrics : "First Crush"

Could this be a crush
Cause I don't know why
I like it so much

The feeling just won't go away
Why do I feel this way

[Verse 2:]
Everything you do
Gets my attention

Whether you crack jokes
Or get detention
Plus your cute

Did I mention
Do you notice me
Is the question

Can't do my homework
I'm stressin'
Cause your my answer to every question

Don't think that I don't see u
Daydream in my mind
That's wat I do

Always write your name on my homework
Can't wait for the day that we flirt
Wrote you a note

Yes, no

Check box

Do you like me
Thoughts I can't stop
Wanna give it to you

Wen u pass by
But wen I see you
I just die

Cause I like you
I can't lie
Please tell me why


Boy wanna tell you
How I feel

Butterflies in my stomach feel so real
Can we chill
Not in my dreams

Somebody pinch me
Can we make
This a dream come true

Just wanna be with you

Somebody tell me why


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