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Verse 1:
We're dancing free but we're stuck here underground
And everybody trying to figure they way out

Hey hey hey, all we ever wanted to say
Was chased erased and then thrown away
And day to day we live in a daze

We march all around til' the sun goes down night children

Broken dreams, no sunshine, endless crimes, we long for freedom (for freedom)
You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind

Oh make it rain, ain't a thang and the sky to fall
(the silver bullet's in your hand and the war's heating up)

And when the truth goes bang the shouts splatter out
(revolutionize your lives and find a way out)
And when you're growing down instead of growing up

(you gotta ooo ah ah like a panther)
Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?
(na na na...)

2nd verse:
So strong for so long

All i wanna do is sing my simple song
Square or round, rich or poor
At the end of day and night all we want is more

I keep my feet on solid ground and use my wings when storms come around
I keep my feet on solid ground for freedom
You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind


Cybernetic chantdown:
Civil rights, civil war
Hood rat, crack $%&^xx

Carefree, nightclub
Closet drunk, bathtub
Outcast, weirdo

Stepchild, freak show
Black girl, bad hair
Broad nose, cold stare

Tap shoes, broadway
Tuxedo, holiday
Creative black, love song

Stupid words, erased song
Gun shots, orange house
Dead man walking with a dirty mouth

Spoiled milk, stale bread
Welfare, bubonic plague
Record deal, light bulb

Keep back kid not corporate thug
Breast cancer, common cold
Hiv, lost hope

Overweight, self esteem
Misfit, broken dream
Fish tank, small bowl

Closed mind, dark hold
Cybergirl, droid control
Get away now they trying to steal your soul

Microphone, one stage
Tomboy, outrage
Street fight, bloody war

Instigators, third floor
Promiscuous child, broken dream
Std, quarentine

!#@# user, !@%!e head
Final chapter, death bed
Plastic sweat, metal skin

Metallic tears, mannequin
Carefree, night club
Closet drunk, bathtub

White house, jim crow
Dirty lies, my regards

Closing lullaby:
And when the world just treats you wrong
Just come with me and i'll take you home
No need to pack a bag
Who put your life in the danger zone?

You running dropping like a rolling stone
No need to pack a bag
You just can't stop your hurt from hanging on
The old man dies and then a baby's born
Chan, chan, chan, change your life

And when the world just treats you wrong
Just come with me and i'll take you home
Shan, shan shan shan-gri la
Na na na na na na na na na na na.

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