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JAMIROQUAI : Just Another Story lyrics

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JAMIROQUAI lyrics : "Just Another Story"

Nobody make a move
This kid's got you covered
He was just seventeen

Trying to get on like his dead brother
Mama couldn't do a thing for him
Though she hurt inside

And daddy wants his son back
While he knows he's still alive.

Stick up kid
Thinking you're a glory boy
Fronting that stupid toy

But you don't get that it's yourself you will destroy
Running that rock on the frontline
Get to hell before your time

If you your face on the cover of High Times
Push in.

Now it occured to me
As I awoke from deeper dreams
All this evolution

And still I don't know what it means
And it gets so hard for me to change
When there's an easy way to earn

Why should I work my fingers to the bone.

Can you give more than get

Get down
With a conscious train of thought.

Light years
Can pass me by without me realising
I'm water in a stream

But ya got to keep it clean.

Dirty dreams


How can

So many people think they're right when
Everybody's wrong?

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