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JAMES lyrics : "so many ways"

There are so many traps been laid
How can you avoid one
Put your foot down in a moonlit glade

Snap, your ankle's broken


I don't know how decisions get made
Which are the turns to take
It doesn't seem to matter what plans are laid

You can't tell when the wave will break

So many ways

There are so many colourful rays
How are you going to choose one
Bright lights look all right from here

But seduction has to be wrong

So many ways

I don't know which path you're taking,
If it's bent or straight
All I know is I've found something that will take me home again

So many ways
If you keep your wits about you,
Search with an open heart

You'll be sure to find your answers, penetrate the scream in the cynics
So many ways
Lost and if you are looking for foot's path

Floating free in space
There are all these lights coming out the dark
Do they lead to the same place

So many ways

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