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JAMES MORRISON : if the rain must fall lyrics

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JAMES MORRISON lyrics : "if the rain must fall"

Oh life can be strangeGood and bad in so many waysAnd in time you will findThat things are not always what they seemWell I've got something to sayBut you might laugh, joke or run awayCoz I'm awkward and nervousSometimes I don't say much at allBut if the rain must fallIf I lose it allIf the world comes down and takes my soulIf the sky turns black

And there's no no way backIt won't matter much to meIf I had youAll I need is your loveThat's all I needAll I need is your loveOh well dreams can come true if you know inside you really want them to ot you can sit you can waitYou can leave your fate in someone else's handsOh but I, I want youAnd nothing else can make me feel the way you doSo I'm waiting, I'm wishingThat it's me you'll be holding tonight and every night

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