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JAEFLOWZ lyrics : "Black & Yellow Freestyle"

Yeah, JaeFlowz on the Track
Anvil, Yung Dame
What up 730? I see ya.

Yeah, uh huh, uh huh.

Okay, okay... I-I-I got three words for ya

Hot-Hottest team ever
B*tches in my crib I'm a young Hugh Hefner
Money so long it just can't be measured

Chop and dice a ^!$$% watch his head get severed
I scare these rappers with the Freddy Krueger flow,
See my team can take a ^!$$% girl like the repo ( gone)

I got money, but I swear I need mo,
B*tch I got so much bread, I can make french toast
Tur-Turn the fan on (why?)

My flow is gettin' hot
I'm with the martian kidds,
Fu-F*ck an astronaut

You got a bad chick, you can bet I got a lot
JaeFlowz comin' gunnin' runnin' for that top spot

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