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JAEE'MAJOR lyrics : "Mathematics"

You are witnessing,
A first class display of wizardry,
Pissin on tracks and I'm puttin' rappers out their misery,

Mathematics they call it, I call it passionate spittin, see,
I'm givin rap some dopeness cuz of it's lyrical deficiency,
My tendancy as an MC is presently pending,

Depending on hard work to pay off, and that's just the beginning b,
I go from John to Major every time I hit a beat,
And I keep it knockin like the front door closed,

and I keep it cookin like some $#&@in rotisserie,
You chicken, I'm on a mission and I never miss a beat, uh,
I'm on another level, somethin y'all ain't seen before,

I'm like a rap messiah roamin heaven wearin street decore, uh,
I'm a lyrical bio-hazard,
My bars are hot as fire, you can call me a fire Mathers,

I come equipped with,
3 clips and,
Some crutches just in case these (*##$es get to trippin, uh,

And I'm so $#&@in heinous,
My mind so sharp, I $#&@ around, trip and headbutt you and it'll probably go and cut ya brain (*##$,
I write catastrophic masterpieces,

I'm the mast at beat beatin,
While y'all can only master fallin me,
You pretendin to be the heart of the streets,

While i'm out here puttin my heart in these beats, Uh,
I don't write raps, I write obituaries,
For other rappers and this happens to be my eleventh,

I show no remorse when I just kill rappers for the hell of it,
The Click, Clack, BOOM, will settle it,
What I spit be so hot, I melt the led and then I watch the pencil drip,

You vowed to take the game then seen Major in all your wedding pics,
Used to sound like a fool with the rhymes and Almost quit rapping numerous times,
Now my words hit and leave rappers black and blue in the spine,

So before you learn how to rap, you better learn how to add,
It's Mathematics.

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