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JADAKISS lyrics : "What It Is"

i love you, yo
game was a half bad till the !@$)ots came,
got the weed man need me at baggage claim

in the same way never has the status change
so when i tell you i love you, that's explains why i'm trying to get the ...souls move in the ? slow
saint quentin bars with the pelican bay flow, toughed in a ? years

chuck's in a ? representing for !@$@s, ?
sales took a deep line, i got the dope working
who else better could be the hood's spoke person

knife to the neck got your throat squirting, hopefully you dead on a rival, close curtains
yeah, i'ma be in the rear, faded, ? like i was dead when he made it
everywhere you look i'm right there and you hate it

if it's good then copy it i don't care what the wait is, i don't care
think will happen, so don't chance them, i make ... music, in the yard anthems
some !@$@s pay bills, some !@$@s pay ransoms

i don't just sell my bricks, i advance them
i don't just break the artists, i enhance them
anytime i'm with the devil, i'm dancing, yeah

i got extra jewels on, lot of these !@$@s be !@#(, plus they move wrong
that's why they be the dudes that get moved on, big pictures over when they turn the news on
word coming from the bay and from tucson, case a !@$@ gets in the way you know what to do to them, no

move on to the next mission, i'm getting money though, no i ain't said tripping
i'm just saying that's what it is, you ain't gonna have a problem paying if you love the kids
ball%#@! homie, in the beverly center with the 4 50 on me,

i was holding the civic, east side, 400 strong over the bridge
does ? too powerful to go on the fridge, but go in your girlfriend's mouth then go in the ribs, ha ha
besides money i ain't bring %#@!, except for the 3 piece and the wing tips

pockets square and the time fords, you know what it is, is that time log
i love you.

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