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JADAKISS lyrics : "Still Hatin"

Handgun on the hip you know I got the AR
High profile from the hood on the radar
You ridin over here, I dont know if they are

I still cant believe a record company can pay y'all
I aint gotta tell you whats good you should cop this
Hospital beds, gernies wood boxes

Top chefs, great attorneys, good doctors
Movies that were made on the block got Hood Oscars
Yea, im gettin mine on the back end

Unwrap em' weigh em' and put em' back in
Yup, cause even the best die,
Break a few of em down but im lettin the rest fly

Goin thru changes, but they are not dangerous
Get dope money but speakin cocaine game language
Explain this, either you soft or a criminal

The murder rate got the hate on subliminal
Always raspy till the day they blast me
Im project elevator hallway nasty

He don do half he need all his cash be
Put a ^!$$% in the casket off cast be
Im all in the Daily News checkin out Jeter

Two Pits off the leash Quadna then Benita
And you keep lyin thats why its hard to believe ya
Gon need a free safety to guard the reciever

Now, when you dealin with a clown
Only pay your respect before they put him in the ground
When the birds land ^!$$% guess who put em in the town

So the pitchers is out, guess who put em on the mound
3 button purple label go wit the cargo
A African American version of Pablo

^!$$%s still hatin they can kiss my $$#
Get a hard on when I count that cash
Still hatin they can kiss my $$# [x2]

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