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JADAKISS lyrics : "ruff ryders anthem( remix )"

This thing right here is for my people

In the streets,

(swizz beats),and this thing right here will

Take ya $$# of ya feet.

Verse one: drag-on

They call me drag-on

It's time to ball

Im gonna burn'em all

To they all say turn'em off

These chips i gonna earn'em all

Chicken heads know i be the kernall

Cause i burn internall

Mixed with the inferno

So be careful for i burn you

You better learn duke

Yeah, i heard you

But i'm gonna hurt you

What you don't know

Ours verse who?

Is a virtue

Ruff ryders be the team

Which means

A lot of cream

Runin' skeems

Stunnin' beams

To make ya'll stop drop right on the scene

This ^!$$% here is to hot

And to much

For you to touch

Betta tell ya man

If two touch

Then he too will get you bust

You bust?

We do

You can ask people

But quitly

They don't believe us til they lead violate

Is you buyin' this

Cause ^!$$%z that purchase

Is under the dirt kid

They call me drag-on

I'm the youngest

But get bunka's

Callabo wit' my dogz from yonka's

Plus these bronx bomba's

Spittin' flame to the gutta

But ya all get flamed

Chorus x2: damion

My dogz gon' stop

Ya'll dogz gon' drop

Then we gon'

Shut'em down open up shop

First we had'em like ooohhhh

Now they like nnnooo

What baby, thats how ruff ryders roll

Verse two: jadakiss

When i pop up

I lock shop up

Pull the drop up

Park a block up

Hit the alarm put the top up

Stash the dro in my sock

Then pull my sock up

Keep the burner

But if it's hot put my glock up

You know what i'm about

Slidin' off get my @@#! sucked

Writin' rhymes watchin' scarface in the hot tub

What you wanna bet

When i pull it out

If you don't shout

Then every bullet will go in and out

Who you besides kiss take a piss

In a bottle of cryse (crystal)

Then give it to a modelin' (*##$

And you like ya watch plain

I'ma flood mine

Alligator bloodeline

Trade the finest !@%!e

And write one time

Verse 3: styles

Ya ^!$$%z ain't hearin' me out

Til i pop up appear in ya house

Clearin' it out holiday style

Everybody actin' violent and wild

Snatch the wife silence the child

Thats how we move

Kill me, my man kill you

Thats how you lose

I ruff ryde

I don't like to slide felt that i sliped

And the gunz only helpin' the clip

And the clips only my hand

And like who the $#&@ is helpin' ya man

When i @@#! back and hop the van

Double r

Get a jar

Play the %#@! in the car

Hit the party start a fight at the bar

Snatch ya r (rolex)

Sell ya %#@! for some !@%!e

And get the $#&@ out the dogde

Verse four: eve

Cats you, figga

That my ^!$$%z flippa

With the trigger

News teams crowd around try to flick a picture

Get wit ya, this (*##$ runnin'it down to ya quicka

^!$$% not makin' sence

Betta stay up off the liquor

Blonde bomb shell

Karamel, heavy spitta

Groupies sayin' i'm they sista

Hush ya mouth for i hit ya

Sickenin' wise guys and thugs and bull%#@!ta's

Take you for a ride cover up ya eyes

Then i hit ya

Used to be shya now i'm a ruff ryda

Fake ^!$$%z play me close

When they used to ride by ya

Snatchin' up ya figures frontin' know

You ^!$$%s, hatta's screamin'

Who that (*##$

Mind ya business ^!$$%

Chorus x2

Verse 5: damion

X is gonna hit ya ^!$$%z hard

Leave ya ^!$$%z scared

$#&@in' wit' the dog

When you $#&@in wit' the god

Rip that ^!$$%z heart

!@^#got ^!$$%z saw

Remember me from up north

I had you scared to cough

My name is ringin' bells

In penatentary cells

I makin' thugs rebell

It ain't hard to tell

You never really wanted it

Saw the mic yo jumped in front of it

Out of sixteen i'm gonna hit

Which one of you ^!$$%z am i gonna get

Thought you knew what i was gonna spit

This time, wit' this rhyme

By the end of it

Ya ^!$$%z is gon' be like yo x riped it

Did my thing as usual it's never gon' stop

You cats can't be for real i got this %#@! locked

It's not a game or a joke

To my name or get smoked

Simple as that simple as black

To the throught

Hit'em all under the coat

Now you losen' yo life

Rrrrrrrrr a dog is a dog for life.

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