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JADAKISS lyrics : "Put Ya Hands Up"

Turn the $#&@in beat on!
Ha!! Yeah, we back! (?)
I had to switch back to Dom Perignon in rap baby!

@@#!-and-run to stay in the business
Son of a (*##$! Double R, look at me now motherf..
Two-thousand-and-one, "Kiss the Game Goodbye" - let's get it on!

It's the J-A-D-A I got beef with the feds and the D-A

I got footage in the game press replay
I got (*##$es in the club all over me ma take it e-asy
And y'all scared I can tell

and I'ma get Buckss like Milwaukee cause like +Sam+ I +Can-sell+
I'm that ^!$$% y'all know that
Bang you in tha yard then slide off on the early go back

In the streets I flash the cannon like Kodak
And I spray threes so say cheese
Already told you I'm lookin for enemies

Double R so of course it's better
I love cornrows and Farrah Fawcett feathers
It's a message in a glass bottle read the letter

Money in the bank membership Visa sweaters
And we ride or d-i-e together

[Chorus 1]
Uh uh come on put ya hands up
Nah, $#&@ that put ya hands down

(ahh) Come on put ya hands up
Nah, $#&@ that put ya hands down

Y'all know I got the master flow, fast or slow
Y'all wanna know who the best is aks ya hoe

The honies don't lie they love it
And they cop for real trust me dogg the thugs will dub it
'Kiss hit you with consecutive hot %#@!

Therefore nobody never gon' spit like I spit
Get money just to walk through off the books
So when you mention my name %#@! is off the hook

Shirts is off, !@%$ is out
And you know I'm there the hardest ^!$$%s in the city is out
I'm in the club ice over the thermal waitin for you to try me

When the lights get low I'ma burn you
Start with straight shots and then pop bottles
Flirt with the hood rats then pop models

Gotta slay two or more, ma that's our motto
And y'all might get down with the team if y'all swallow

[Chorus 2 (longer and diferent fill in)]


(Muahh) Kiss the game goodbye, the game is mine
You thought wrong change ya mind
I'm the ^!$$% that'll pop the king and scoop the queen

and take over the town with a ruthless team
New S-Type wagon, future green
Gun heavy pants saggin I'm used to cream

Who you know can make a million dollar bail on cash
Never did a day and got the jails on smash, K-I double
I move the perico quick, and just let manteca bubble

'Kiss been a boss, y'all just start workin
Now put ya hands up 'til ya arms start hurtin
Don't put 'em down 'til I tell you

Whoever wanna be hard headed then find out what the shells do
Now you can put 'em down if you want
But soon as the hook come back put 'em up

[Chorus 3 (then fade)]

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