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JADAKISS lyrics : "get wild"

All my ^!$$%z all my (*##$es

get high get drunk get wild buck fool

you know my style get crunk

(*##$es bounce ^!$$%z bounce

let me give you that funk %#@! blunt %#@!

while I make you bang it out your trunk

You cats, talk slick but walk quick when the dog hit

The dog hits coming back to the raw %#@!

Aww %#@! they done let me back out the gate

back out to tape back out to rape

Back off the chains so please back out the way

Before I blow ya back out with this $#&@in AK

Don't give a $#&@ what a ^!$$% say no matter who he sound like

Make sure you know what the rain is but its gonna be coming down like

cats and dogs hold up it is cats and dogs

keep $#&@ing with the dog its gonna be cats in the morgue

twenty- two million sold lets keep it real

most y'all killers ain't even twenty- two years old

Aint never felt the cold wet behind the ears

know what real pain is cried real tears

I go hard bogard and stand my ground

$#&@ y'all ^!$$%z it's how its goin down baby

It just don't look right

Bull%#@! !@%!e don't cook right

The judge ain't throwin the book right

Should thank the lord that you blew up softy

Don't talk greasy you grew up off me

I ain't letting go of the block

and if I get a good enough grip I ain't lettin go of the lock

If I happen to pinched I ain't goin to shock

I'm gonna to get aquatinted with ^!$$%z in general pop

Stop but don't hate 'cause everybody got a lil blood to donate

Thugs'll go ape the women'll come around

shortly after that is when the jealousy sets in then they'll shut it down

It's just raspy nothin on the neck wrist ware just classy

no way I'm letting this money just get past me

When all I had to do in the first place from the beginning was get nasty

^!$$%z been waitin' for that west coast %#@! I tell them to go fish

Blowin purple in a purple Laker jersey wit the gold kicks

(*##$es be like Toon you a mutha $#&@in trip

Hop in the whip and lean til that mutha $#&@a flip

and every club in Cali crackin' its gangsta town

keep a couple of ^!$$%z with me that'll bang you down

now lil mama put switches on and make it jump

before me you needed Lil Jon to make it crunk

naw for real come to Cali player take ya pump

my New York ^!$$%z leave y'all wit razor bumps

now pappa raised a rolling stone I feel like pops

In the absence of Makaveli I feel like Pac

even though I got the deal I still might pop

right in front of the po-po you could feel my shots

man all my ^!$$%z carry bangers we feel like SWAT

and that's the reason why Rialto feel like Watts

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